Introducing  Phi.3D:

The most advanced real-time  3D capture software platform for mobile devices.

Phi.3D runs on your mobile device and turns a stream of RGB-D or LIDAR data into a consistent accurate 3D model in real-time.


Phi.3D is a cross-platform technology and runs across a variety of different hardware and operating systems.


Phi.3D is sensor-agnostic. Many different sensor types, resolutions, frame-rates and noise characteristics are supported.


Phi.3D Overview

  • Dimensionally accurate color point cloud mapping.
  • Instant colored 3D model creation through SLAM technology.
  • Real-time markerless camera tracking.
  • Real-time quality data feedback and review.
  • Lossless, cloud-optimized 3D-scan compression* (.DP file format).
  • .DP files supported by ReCap™, RealWorks™, LFM™, CloudCompare™
  • .DP format r/w accessible through DLLs.
  • Compatibility with PTS, PTX, PTG and PLY output formats.
  • Relocalization, place-recognition and append-capability.
  • Full 6-dof, mm-accurate indoor positioning.
  • Phi.3D 3rd party access through an API (coming soon).
  • All processing locally on host - no cloud or desktop needed.



The History

Back in 2011 we noticed two major technological trends:

Tablets were becoming lighter and faster and depth-sensing cameras were about to become small and mainstream.

We recognized that combining the two into a mobile unit would open up new possibilities for 3D data capture and mobile computer interfaces.

Thus the DPI-7 was conceptualized -- new software was needed that would make the two work hand-in-hand.

Because we know a lot about mobile computer vision we researched and developed a new technology from scratch that enables tablets to capture and process all the data from depth-cameras in realtime.

We call this technology Phi-3D. It lets you create 3D-models of just about anything by simply recording it with the device, very much like operating a hand-held video camera.

It is also a realtime indoor positioning system as the device pose is computed 30 times a second with superior precision. It even can recognize places that you visited before.

And it's all markerless.

Because we know from experience that sharing 3D pointclouds often meant sharing USB-sticks or hard drives we developed a scene compression technology that is optimized for wireless transfer.

We achieve compression ratios up to 50 x compared to standard formats like PTS or PTX with our technology.

*  Using proprietary compression technology.