Support Videos

Unit Setup:

DPI-8 Kit Out-of-the-Box Tutorial

DPI-8 Upgrade Tutorial

DPI-7 Tutorial

Capture in the Dark: Rift KICK Mounted Light

Tutorial: NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Recall

Software Tutorials:

Tutorial: Scale Bar Targeting

Append Tutorial

Setting the Coordinate System in Phi.3D 2.0

Using AprilTags in Phi.3D 2.0

Touchscreen Navigation in Phi.3D 2.0

DPI-8 Hard Targeting Tutorial

DPI-8 File Transfer Methods

DPI-8 Tub Scan: Real-time 3D Capture, Review, & Measurement

Capturing Stairs with the DPI-8SR Kit

DP Import & Measurement in Autodesk ReCap & AutoCAD

DP Import & Measurement in CloudCompare

Software Setup:

Phi.3D Upgrade Procedure

Checking for Android Tablet System Updates

Phi.3D Upgrade [PC]

Phi.3D Upgrade [Mac]

Installing the DotProduct Rhino Plugin

Installing the DotProduct Phi.3D ReCap Plugin


Troubleshooting: Lost Tracking

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