We make tablets see the world in

  • Introducing the DPI-8X Handheld 3D Scanner.

  • Engineering-grade 3D data in seconds.

  • Real-time viewing on the tablet.

  • Electrical data captured with the DPI-8X.

  • Below deck on the U.S.S. Constitution.

  • Naval submarine mooring hardware.

  • Single-handed operation.

  • Instant 3D reconstruction.

  • Below deck on the U.S.S. Constitution.

  • Office space in Tokyo Shibuya Mark City.

  • Real-time quality feedback.

  • Cannon at the Tower of London.

  • Captured with the DPI-8X Kit.

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Then, we make it
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Our patent-pending technology makes it easy for anyone to obtain accurate 3D-models and measurements in-the-field.

Develop apps for Android with the world as your 3D-playground.
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We made 3D capture really fast - so fast that we run it entirely on a tablet. So you can take it wherever you want.